Photo by Jenn Brandt

Photo by Jenn Brandt

A life-long musician and long-time Aardvarker, Katie Hathcock is the lead teacher and director of Music For Aardvarks Jackson. 

After attending Aardvarks classes for years with her own children in Memphis, Katie moved to Jackson, MS and realized there was a need for some rockin' and rollin' kids classes. 

Katie's musical upbringing began behind the counter at her parents' small music store in Florida. She worked there selling guitar picks and drum sticks from the time she could talk until moving away to attend college at Florida State University. Katie can play guitar, bass, and drums, but the majority of her youth was spent playing classical violin. She began lessons using the Suzuki Method at 6 years old and continued her musical education as she got older, playing Irish and Folk music with community groups in Tallahassee, FL and Birmingham, AL. 

After moving to Memphis, TN when her daughter was 6 months old, a friend recommended she check out Music for Aardvarks classes. And, boy, was that an amazing discovery! Katie found a community of parents, caregivers, and friends all having fun with their children — laughing, singing, dancing, and generally being silly together. It reminded her of her early days in her parents' music store, where music was a powerful force connecting people.

In Jackson, Katie is building a thriving Music for Aardvarks community, bringing families of all shapes and sizes together to sing, dance, groove, and have fun!

Katie lives in Jackson, MS, enjoys playing music with her husband, Barrett, and her two kids, Stella and Carter, and taking walks with their Chocolate Lab puppy, Rosie.