You may schedule to bring a guest with a child to class provided there is room. Please call/text/email to let us know of your plans. Adult family members and relatives are always welcome and you do not need to notify us of their plans to visit.


Please try to keep eating and drinking to a minimum during class time. It’s a good idea to make sure your child has had a good snack prior to class as kids tend to burn a lot of energy while Aardvarking. That said, we certainly understand that you know your little ones best and it is no crime to provide a few bites of a snack or sips of a drink during class time if that’s what the situation requires. We simply ask that you always do so off of the rugs and central class area as it can create a mess and be a distraction to other children.


First and foremost, we want classes to provide a positive social experience for you and your children. We recognize that as parents we can get very hungry for adult conversation. Aardvarks’ class can be a great place to make new friends and connect with old ones, so please do so and enjoy this aspect of the program!! We only ask that you be mindful of how socializing affects the flow, focus, and energy of the class and remember that if you are not engaged in the activity neither will your child be. Please try to keep talking limited to before and after class and during the free dance and instrument jams.  


Tuition fee is fully refundable before the first day semester begins. Up until two weeks after the semester has begun 50% of tuition fees will be refunded for remaining unattended classes at time of cancellation. No refunds after two weeks.

Bad Weather

We will follow the Jackson City Schools for closure due to weather. There are occasions when we may decide to have class even though city schools are closing, so you should always check the website at to determine if class will be held or not during questionable weather, or call us at 601-622-4497 if you don’t have web access. 

Teacher Absence

Although it is very rare, there are occasions when Katie may need to reschedule a class. In this case, we will make every effort to notify everyone in the class at least 24 hours in advance, so please make sure we have a contact number for you that is accurate. We will also send an email. Usually, a make-up class will be scheduled for the following week. If you are unable to attend the make-up class you will be given the option to make-up in a different class, have the cost of the class credited to another semester, or receive a cash refund.


Families are permitted three makeup classes per semester. However, we want to be as flexible as possible with our make-up policy to meet the needs of the families we serve. We ask that you always sign up in advance to ensure there will be room for you and your kiddo(s). Please don't show up unannounced to a class that is not your regularly scheduled class. 

If you cannot attend for whatever reason, please call and let us know at 601-622-4497 or email us at (even if it’s 10 minutes before class).