Come check out a class for FREE and see what all the fuss is about! Mention the website and you'll get a CD of fun Aardvarks tunes!

  • Classes are made up of 8-12 children who attend with a caregiver.

  • Classes are 45 minutes long and families register for classes by the semester.

  • Each family picks a day and a class time and goes to that class once a week for the course of the semester.

  • Each semester is based on a Music for Aardvark’s CD. The CD is included in the price of the tuition.

  • For the Fall 2019 semester, I am offering classes on Thursday or Saturday mornings at St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church in the basement classroom. Siblings receive a discounted rate.

    • Thursday’s 10am class runs for 10 weeks and costs $175.

    • Saturday’s 10am class runs for 8 weeks and costs $150.


Mixed Ages Classes

These classes are of mixed age from 6 months to 5 years. Class activities, which include sing-a-longs, rhythm making, free form dance breaks, and instrumental jams with shakers, drums, sticks, and tambourines, are accessible to all, from babies who bounce and babble, to toddlers who move and groove. The range of developmental levels in the class creates a fertile environment for learning and growing, as each child participates at a pace that is right for him/her.